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  2. Uniroyal Giant Tire in the Wild

    Considering there are no cars on the wheel, it is most definitely post fair and standing on the Edsel Ford Freeway near Detroit Metro Airport
  3. Doris Day

    I believe Turner Classic Movies will running an all day tribute to Doris Day on Sunday, June 9. I know that the evening line up will include her best comedies including Pillow Talk, Move Over Darling, The Glass Bottom Boat, Please Don't Eat The Daisies and Lover Come Back. One of her earlier and most beloved films, On Moonlight Bay, will be aired midday. Her personal favorite, Calamity Jane, will air starting at 6 PM Another noteworthy film, Sunday in New York (Jane Fonda, Rod Taylor, Cliff Robertson, Jim Backus, Robert Culp and others, airs at 10 PM following an earlier showing of The Glass Bottom Boat. I mentioned Sunday in New York in an earlier posting. About thirty minutes in, when the lead actors are visiting Rockefeller Center, they are waiting for a metro bus. When it arrives at a stop on Fifth Avenue an advertising card announcing the opening of the New ¥ork World's Fair appears on the front of the bus and serves as one of those little treasures that makes a film so much more meaningful. seedv5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555jy6
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  5. Doris Day

    Doris was, for a brief time, part of my family tree. She married cousin Barry in the 1970s, but the marriage only lasted 4 years. I never met either Doris or Barry but occasionally visited with Barry's sister. She did not have any contact with them either - so there was no family advantage in meeting Doris.
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  7. Up, Up, and Away at TWA Hotel

    I encourage you to do so, speedwell! Wherever you stay will be pricey but won’t have the spectacular space of this unique venue. I was there many times as a kid; even before my cocktail swirling days I felt I was in another world. Plus you get to go inside a Connie! Please go and report back!
  8. My parents loved it. It's the 55th anniversary of the opening of my Fair. Yikes how did that happen? It doesn't seem that long ago to me. I remember opening day.
  9. Doris Day

    expo boy, Doris Day did not fly. In fact, she won the presidential medal of freedom given by President George W. Bush in 2004, but did not attend the ceremony. She declined a Kennedy Center honors presentation because she would not fly. She was offered film roles right up until 2015, but declined every opportunity because they would take her from her beloved Carmel. I also suspect she was a woman who did not measure her successes by the number of awards or accolades. I believe her success was the fact that she always found joy in just what she was doing. Best, Jim
  10. Up, Up, and Away at TWA Hotel

    I don't know if it'll last, but I'm seriously considering the TWA hotel for a Saturday night stay during Maker Faire this fall.
  11. Apparently this JFK TWA Terminal refit hasn’t gone bankrupt yet. I listened to video for opening date. Didn’t hear one. I did hear Grand Central called a Station, not a Terminal, and immediately dismissed the editors as bridge and tunnel carpet baggers. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/up-up-and-away-at-the-twa-hotel-at-jfk/?__twitter_impression=tru But for a change, a story used the correct advertising tagline, as opposed to say, “Makes the Going Great.” Here’s some info about the jingle: http://brandedskies.com/2012/01/jingles-twa-up-up-and-away-1967/
  12. Doris Day

    As one of my all time favorite stars, I was very saddened to hear of her passing yesterday. What a legacy she leaves behind. She will be missed.
  13. Wow. You're the second guy I know who has helped build that world. Steve Alcorn was the first when I discovered his book, Building a Better Mouse . I highly recommend it, it is written as a play by play leading up to the opening day. A shot in the dark, have you heard of him and/or read his book?
  14. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    Yes, I left Disney just after that. I still freelance but that was the end of my full time days there. It was just coincidental; there were massive layoffs but I left on my own for a great opportunity at Warner Bros.
  15. Doris Day

    She was my absolute favorite singer and actress. As an airline employee of 42 years, I've had the pleasure of meeting many celebrities but, unfortunately, never Doris Day. It's doubtful I ever would have met her but in a world of hate and division, it was always nice to know there was a kind spirit like Doris Day.
  16. Doris Day

    She definitely outlived Johnny Carson. She was a guest on recent re-run of his show from the 70's.
  17. Doris Day

    I found myself so deeply saddened to hear that Doris Day died earlier today. Life was never easy for this woman and she overcame great losses, including her beloved son, and enriched the world with some remarkable movies. Her comedies are wonderful because she loved what she was doing and loved her leading men. She was endlessly talented and was always an actress and not just a star. She also enriched our culture with her beautiful voice and her songs will endure for decades to come. A humble soul, she disdained awards and honors. I believe it was her passionate dedication to neglected, beaten and stray animals which made me most admire her. Ninety-seven years is a great run, but still not enough for this fan. Bless Doris Day's grace and generous heart which helped to make the world a little better place.
  18. Were you one of the many engineers building EPCOT before opening day?
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  20. A pavilion with many uses

    I look forward to as many Expo photographs as you can possibly send us, Bill.
  21. Probably Futurama, or the railroad pageant.
  22. One of the Tilden PediCabs

    But they were likely in fantastic shape if they survived the whole season!
  23. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    We screened the original film on a soundstage at Disney that had a temporary 360 screen setup during the work on Epcot. It was great to see it again. I don’t know what bits may have been used for Epcot.
  24. A pavilion with many uses

    I have several hundred post-Expo images, and will work on more soon.
  25. I couldn’t agree more.
  26. Please do me a favor

    I don’t think the results are out yet. I had dinner with her dad tonight and we talked about it. The were something like 9,700 applicants. They chose the Top 200 based on the votes, and we believe she made that cut. A panel was then to pick the winners from that pool. No word yet on the final results. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!
  27. Please do me a favor

    That's great!
  28. Happy 80th Anniversary 1939 New York World's Fair!!!

    First for me would have been the Trylon & Perisphere itself, then Dali's Dream of Venus and then eat at Hungarian Pavilion's restaurant. Oft forgotten about the 1939 fair was the exquisite restaurants, it was a first in America to have such a variety food. The best remembered eateries were the French Pavilion, Romanian Pavilion, Hungarian Pavilion, Polish Pavilion and Borden's. Because of the war many of the restaurants migrated into Manhattan after the fair and sparked NYC's post war dining scene. A fact that amuses me is the one major pavilion restaurant to lose money was Italy. In the 1939 season they lost $250,000. I would assume it was due to the plethora of Italian restaurants already in the city, there was no exotic nature to it. In fact Italy was so angry they almost did not return for the 1940 season.
  29. Please do me a favor

    What he said.
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