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  3. Greyhound Escorter

    I completely missed the pigeon on her hat. I suspect your theory is correct, Randy. Pigeons are gentle and intelligent creatures and can be easily trained. It's such a wonderful photograph. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Greyhound Escorter

    A pigeon has landed on her hat too. The plaza was full of pigeons. There was a photographer manning a "photo opportunity" spot right in the middle. There are a number of photos with his signboard leaning against the Electriquette. But here is something cool. There are SO many photos at this spot with a pigeon sitting on a passenger's head, I have to think maybe the photographer had a trained pigeon to fly out there and do that.
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  6. Greyhound Escorter

    Probably not as dangerous to pedestrians as the average grocery store cart, since they were made of wicker. A bump would just dump you into a pretty lady's lap!
  7. Night time at the Fair

    Too bad a breeze was blowing, rippling the surface, or the reflection would have been picture-perfect. But that's a minor quibble for such a great shot.
  8. Parrot and Toucan Electric Utility Show at GE

    It's funny how often Disney goes back to that same concept. In EPCOT Center's World of Motion: "The Bird and the Robot" show And even later at a D23 demo with Otto the autonamatronic
  9. Parrot and Toucan Electric Utility Show at GE

    Amazingly I can still remember the exact address 40+ years later. 344 North Main Street. It looks like the ground floor is now a lighting store but it was a Chinese restaurant back then.
  10. Brand New Member

    It's apparently not a new design. This was posted for the 50th anniversary. Anyone know who the designer is?
  11. RCA and Gotham Plaza - High-res

    and Well it has happened (to me). The odds are small, but in favor of someone finding themselves. While your camera was pointed at them, some camera had to be pointed at you. Look at how many of the people at the fair had cameras (still and movie). You just have to look through thousands and thousands of photographs. But the problem is, the photo of "you" might not be published. It might be sitting in someone's scrapbook. But have no fear, "you" are there, somewhere.
  12. Parrot and Toucan Electric Utility Show at GE

    I thought I detected a little New England in you. Where about in Pittsfield?
  13. Night time at the Fair

    This is truly a beautiful shot. One of the best nighttime shots I've seen.
  14. Building Africa Place

    Yes, this would have been December 1, 1966. I'll have more from this group later.
  15. Building Africa Place

    That's a fascinating shot. Africa Place just pops in this black and white photo. Look how far along construction was. I'm guessing the date, 1.12.66 is the French version meaning December 1, 1966 and, therefore, just a few months from the opening day. If it is the English version, January 12, 1966, then Expo could have opened a year early.
  16. Greyhound Escorter

    That's a great photo in every way. I love the pigeons standing on the front of the vehicle.
  17. If you like early pictures of Shea Stadium you might like this one. From the groundbreaking ceremony on October 28, 1961.
  18. Greyhound Escorter

    If you go back through the history of personal taxis at World's Fairs and Exposititions, there is indeed a connection back to rickshaws, albeit late 19th century Expo versions were typically propelled by a paid operator by cycle peddling. Construction was usually in the form of wicker chairs. The 1915 Exposition in San Diego, made a major leapfrog in technology in two ways- providing an electric motor powered by on-board battery- and doing away with the operator to let the rider drive it themselves. There was a governor to keep speeds low. One merely rented the vehicle from the concessionaire. The vehicle was called an Electriquette. Many photos exist. Something else that is unique about the 1915 Electriquette, is that the city arranged for an entrepeneur to recreate 24 of them in 2016, and you can now rent one in Balboa Park just like Fairgoers did more than a century ago! There's a nice article here: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sdut-balboa-park-electriquettes-review-2016aug19-story.html
  19. A 1970 view of the former Scandinavia pavilion doing duty as Spain.
  20. Taking a break from my newest book project, so I thought I would spend a moment or two back in 1966.
  21. Greyhound Escorter

    Hey! Bill Young and I have a patent on that description. From our first book: "One of the Fair's two-passenger "Escorter" vehicles, a Space Age rickshaw of sorts, passes by." We'll let it slide this time, seeing as it's you, Wayne.
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  23. Greyhound Escorter

    I would say more like a 1964 futuristic rickshaw.
  24. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    What you said here reminded me of the jumping elk in the 1901 Buffalo Pan-American Exposition. The owner had them jumping into water from about 3 stories high. He started training them from 2 feet up.
  25. Aurora-7 display

    Dude, that's a double pun. Good one!
  26. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    Yes, while there is a sort of idiotic logic to both concepts, I suspect the overall physics would be about the same--disastrous.
  27. A VERY different angle on the Fair

    Sounds about as practical as jumping up just as the elevator crashes to the bottom of the shaft.
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