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  2. No, especially when compared to the admission price for the Fair itself, or food prices seen on menus.
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  4. Odd EXPO 67 pic about smoking

    Very funny, Jim!
  5. Odd EXPO 67 pic about smoking

    Id' like to think that that this was just a joke picture and the kid really didn't smoke at that age.
  6. The photo makes me think of Dick Solomon (John Lithgow) on Third Rock From The Sun when he discovers cigarettes for the first time. He is sitting in his office with half a dozen packs of cigarettes lined up in front of him and is smoking two cigarettes at a time. In walks his secretary who tries to lecture him about the evils of smoking and she tells him tobacco can knock ten years off of one's life. Dick thinks for a moment and responds: "Yes but those ten years are at the end of your life and they're crappy anyway." On a secondary note, the flag on the distant UK pavilion tower is that of the city of Montreal. So this is Man and His World.
  7. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    That is almost true .Many of we old timers saw the EXPO 67 and the more recent Canada Circle Vision movie here at EPCOT.hat all came to an end a few months back as Disney is about to release a new and 100% improved Canada 360 . Take a look and compare ! Needs a little reminder?
  8. My, how things have changed since 1967

    The same building feature a video phone.Tiny screen in b/w but they claimed I was talking to and seeing someone in New York City. I remember thinking shades of the Jetson's on the horizon.
  9. Rub-a-dub-dub, six children in a tub...

    LOL as I also remember being told at 17 "you are too old" for this ride.
  10. I was going through a recent treasure trove of older pictures I had scanned to an lap top that has not been powered up in over 5 years.. There it was. A picture of how times have changed since 1967
  11. I was going through a recent treasure trove of older pictures I had scanned to an lap top that has not been powered up in over 5 years.. There it was. A picture of how times have changed since 1967
  12. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    I have plenty of them but think I'll leave them home!
  13. Last week
  14. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    You should be wearing mouse ears, or it didn't happen.
  15. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    I'll ask the folks at the museum when I'm up there.
  16. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    Sadly, on the wrong coast to catch this. Any chance video will be available afterwards?
  17. Very cool discoveries. I've always liked the word "Odditorium." Those prices of 40 and 50 cents weren't exactly inexpensive in 1939.
  18. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    Three weeks to go until my talk at the Walt Disney Family Museum on "Walt and the World's Fairs.". If you're in the San Francisco area on November 9th please stop by and say hello! https://www.waltdisney.org/education/talks/walt-and-worlds-fair-bill-cotter
  19. When Ya Gotta Go...

    I remember older women wearing shoes like those when I was very small. They always looked so uncomfortable. I wonder what is going on with the gentleman in the far right of this photograph.
  20. I send you good wishes, Eric, and I thank you for this wonderful photo and all of the photos you share with us. Best, Jim
  21. Dear Trey, Thank you. Always tomorrow Check the photos I sent you of the well to do young boy with superb dress and smoked glasses on the Platform and Helicline and you will see the most detailed photos of that mesh I know of You already have them! I literally deal in the future! I sent them for that mesh. Best always and thank you again, Eric Dear Bill, Many thanks for the kind words. To quote the Talking Heads - "...Well, I'm dressed up so nice, and I'm doing my best..and I'm startin' over...startin' over again...." Best always, Eric I will try and get you a copy of the Mauretania book if I can - I did some serious b/w restorations I'd like you to see. My best work yet. Dear Wayne, Thank you for taking the time to express concern. It is most appreciated. Thanks re the copyright thing - I did it with Wally/Vlad in mind for those with long memories! Remember my related Obit? LOL Best always my friend, Eric
  22. When Ya Gotta Go...

    A unique view, for sure. Thanks so much!
  23. Oh my, Eric, sorry to hear about your troubles. Please do check back in here to update us from time to time. Regarding the photo, not only is it a great shot, but I really appreciate the care you took to make the copyright effective but not destructive of the composition.
  24. I had read this quickly on my phone and missed the first part abut your health issues, Eric. So sorry to hear about your challenges, and wishing you the very best.
  25. When Ya Gotta Go...

    Another amazing photo, Eric!
  26. So sorry to hear about your hardships, Eric. Please try to stay focused on the "World of Tomorrow." There is always hope for a better day, my friend. And thanks for sharing this photo. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA there was wire work in the walls of the Helicline. Have never seen any indication of that before now-- and as you well know-- I've spent many hours staring at many photos of the Trylon & Perisphere!
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