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  2. Aerial view of Ford

    The operations manual shows TV connection pad #27 (of 30 throughout the fairgrounds) at that location. Could this have been constructed as a place for filming/televising/interviewing arriving dignitaries? Another thought: could it be a food concession for the press? Edit: that is, hospitality, as Irishcooper said in the second post.
  3. Aerial view of Ford

    Nope, not that I know.
  4. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    I'm confused by the blue room. Did they just install that wall mirror to make the exhibit look bigger, or did some designer really expect someone to put a bed next to a giant mirror?
  5. Last week

    I sent an email to Bill Young to ask if the CD could be revived. Haven't heard back yet.

    I don't think the CDs are. I still have my files from the CDs copied to my hard drive though I seem to have lost the Disc years ago. Each page was a jpg file, as opposed to the whole issue being a single pdf file.
  8. Aerial view of Ford

    Did anyone ever figure this out??

    Thanks for the info. here. I have not looked through these reports in a while. I love them for the wealth of information that they hold. I am only missing number 1. That sucker has eluded me now for about 10 years.
  10. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    I'm so glad that a photographer took the time to document this pavilion.
  11. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    These photos remind me of the rooms in the bomb shelter in the movie, "Blast From The Past."
  12. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    Great photos! It's interesting to see furnishings that would have been considered "chic" in the 1960's, but would most likely be considered "horrific" by many interior designers today
  13. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    Busy bold patterns were in - at least it's not the boomerang/amoeba pattern that was so popular mid-century.
  14. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    Picture 6, feels like a bank from the early 80s. Picture 7, feels like an interior that could be current these days. The style feels light and clean and homey, (maybe it) could use a less heavy of a floral pattern. Pictures 8 and 9, really aged.


    The plan for the NYS pavilion came true due to the idiotic logic of the Fair Corporation in the final months. If by the words, "may be altered," they meant neglect, no funding, rust, rot and graffiti artists, they were correct. And if their words "recreation center" envisioned drug deals, ruining the Texaco map with ten million roller skate wheels and fifty years of searing summers and frigid winters slowly devouring the pavilion, then the Corporation was spot on.
  17. Got some time to kill?

    Doug, I think you just have to live long enough to be older than dirt. Or you have to have been the first visitor through the turnstiles at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. Or which ever comes first. Then you're a lifer. Jim

    As usual for this date, this is a dead link. Is this item still available?
  19. Got some time to kill?

    Speaking of GE-- There was a brief nod to the Carousel of Progress in Disney's latest live-action movie "Dumbo" where they stop in an auto animatronic display featuring a kitchen of the future. In fact, part of the movie is a nod to Theme Parks and World's Fairs of the past: One of the Pavilions in Dreamland is Wonders of Science, where the auto animatronic display is located. Strangely, the owner of this Theme Park/Fair (a kind of Walt Disney character) is displayed in a negative light. This is surprising, seeing the film was made by Disney.
  20. Anyone thirsty?

    The three guys at the counter may possibly be looking at the machine. Upon enlargement, the stacks of cups by the Coke fountain dispenser appear to be gold and white, as does the cup on the table in the foreground. The people under the umbrella appear to have Pepsi cups.
  21. Inside the Florida display area.

    And the old-style baby carriage and the hat on the lady at right.
  22. Got some time to kill?

    Hi guys, long time no visit! Yep, I remember waiting at Johnson's Wax, Ford, GM and Bell. I assume we must have waited at Small World, too, and probably at the skyride. We went to the fair the first or second week of both seasons during New Hampshire April school vacation. I think it was opening week both years. It was rainy one of the years. Jeeezzzz, how do I become a life member like Jim? Wow!
  23. Got some time to kill?

    As I remember back almost fifty five years I recall waiting in lines at Johnson's Wax (the film, "To Be Alive," was on everyone's list), GE (for reasons stated above), Bell Telephone. Vatican, GM and Ford. I believe we even stood in line at The Schaefer Center. I remember my mother spent several weeks prior to our trip talking to friends who had visited the Fair. She even brought along a list of pavilions her many friends said were a "must see," and it was annotated with stars (four meant don't think of returning home without seeing it and one meant that the exhibit wasn't much but it might offer a cold beer, a good meal, or unique souvenirs). Anything below a one was relegated to the "you can see that schlock at the New York State Fair for crying out loud." And that included every ride at the Fair except the Swiss Sky ride and the Uniroyal Tire Ferris Wheel. And she stuck to that list with a great deal of pride and she only veered off of it when she discovered there was an Austrian pavilion (she was Austrian) and when my Dad located the bar in the Ireland pavilion. He was Irish. OK, in truth, they veered off the list one more Time when we passed Lowenbrau Gardens on a hot afternoon.
  24. Got some time to kill?

    At least the GE waiting area was done tastefully at the NYWF. Similar canopies were added to Shanghai's Expo 2010, as the oppressive summer heat closed-in, but were very unsightly and blocked views of the pavilions. Trying to get decent photos of otherwise attractive pavilions was extremely challenging....
  25. Got some time to kill?

    I too, remember all the big attractions at the Fair, but I never remember waiting in long lines. Maybe it was the time of the year we went. I think (as a youth) I would have been disappointed if I spent most of the day waiting in line. I guess the low attendance of the Fair had its side benefits.
  26. Got some time to kill?

    I was 21, but likewise do not remember the waits, even though I must have been in them. I wonder if GE was using the now common trick of posting wait times longer than actual along the queue, so that everyone felt they were making better than usual time?
  27. Got some time to kill?

    It' funny. I was six years old when I went I very clearly remember the attractions but I have no memory of waiting in lines.
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