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  2. Things are looking up!

    Talk about a stairway to the stars....
  3. Folks sure dressed nicely back then

    The lady on the right clutching the Guide Book sure looks like a determined woman on a mission.
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  5. Some well--dressed guests promenading near the Unisphere in the final days of the Fair, October 1965. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  6. Things are looking up!

    A different angle of one of the entrance pylons. I wonder how many people tried climbing these and how high up they got. Newly restored large format negative from my collection.
  7. Last week
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x15h7e34r39mxhy/AACnGUQIv6vw6-ndhrF4twH-a?dl=0
  9. Aerial view of Ford

    However, in one of Bill Cotter's earlier photo posting, we saw this picture: Notice the blue and white striped tent next to Sinclair. On the 1964 map it shows an empty lot where the tent is. I wonder if the Lowenbrau Gardens bumped whoever was in the tent off the empty lot? Strange that they have the same blue and white stripes.
  10. Aerial view of Ford

    From looking at other views, this building was not there in 1964.
  11. What pavilion? Johnny Carson show

    Bumping up this topic to see if anyone gets a new inspiration. The crossed line structure always reminds me of the Christian Science skylights, but the only thing I know of documented to be there is an abstract tree sculpture in the main unit, and from the photos I've seen it may have been too low to be visible from outside. Criss-cross bars, round "plates" and external foliage... still not ID'd.
  12. Aerial view of Ford

    Would the stripes be visible from the ground?
  13. Aerial view of Ford

    Whatever it was it looks fairly substantial.
  14. Aerial view of Ford

    If only there was a readable sign. But the more I think about the roof, the more I think it was hospitality, because I picture a concessionaire doing something flashy like that along with corporate signage to put their name in front of the press. It also makes sense to me that the Fair corporation may have realized late in the game that they needed free food to keep the press happier to be there for extended periods. When I and some colleagues once got a behind the scenes tour of the ball parks in Chicago (because a fellow Zenith employee moonlighted as coordinator for internal team videos), we enjoyed the free lunch in the press box.
  15. Aerial view of Ford

    RCA did have a room in the Press Building. Also as indicated by the prints, all communications over the loudspeakers originated in the Press Building ("control room of sound system") What surprises me is the fact that the roof is painted. Look at all the Pavilion roofs in aerial shots, and maybe you have a handful which thought it might be a good idea to either put advertising on or finish the roof (Equitable, Denmark, etc. I'm not talking about full blown artistic efforts like Travelers, GE, Indonesia, etc.) The fact that is was painted so brightly has to account for its noticeability if nothing else. Just look at the roofs of the surrounding buildings. But the fact that it is next to sub-station #2, and behind the Press Building, it's not located in a prime traffic area. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a Maintenance Annex Building. But the roof is a mystery.

    Let me know when either option is available.

    If Bill doesn't bring these back for sale I will add them to my site.
  18. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    Good question!
  19. OK. It's official; I'm losing my mind. For days I've posted this URL address but it would never once open for me. I'll bet I tried ten different times'. And I gave it a shot again tonight. I'm stunned that it picked tonight to actually properly function. But I'm glad that it does because the story is quite wonderful.
  20. Aerial view of Ford

    Great memories, Jim, thanks for sharing them.
  21. It worked for me. Interesting read.
  22. https://www.cbc.ca/octobercrisis/memory/gopnik.html The October Crisis: The Ghost of Expo 67 by Adam Gopnik Mr. Gopnik's account of boyhood remembrances of moving to Montreal with his family and living in Habitat focuses on his exploration of a now empty Expo grounds in October 1970 after PM Trudeau declared martial law in response to violence and kidnapping and the rise of the separatist group, the FLQ. It's a powerful essay contrasting the wonder and joy found on the Expo Islands and the terror and horror related to The October Crisis. That's the copied and pasted URL address but I'm having trouble getting it to link to that essay. Any suggestions as to how it can be fixed.
  23. Aerial view of Ford

    I have no clue what it is but what I do remember is walking by the Space Park and along that walkway next to the Ford pavilion when we first entered the Fair. It was early September of 1965. I can still envision a Ford employee raking dried leaves off the lawn near where the line entering the pavilion is seen in this photo. It's strange what moments we recall. My parents were discussing where to begin our day and my sister was holding my father's hand. I watched that man carefully rake those leaves. He did this just as if the place would be there forever. And as I watched him, all I could think was that in six weeks it would all be torn down. It seemed so incongruous to me even as a kid. He was making certain the grounds were perfect despite the fact that it would all be rubble before all of the leaves had even fallen.
  24. Aerial view of Ford

    The operations manual shows TV connection pad #27 (of 30 throughout the fairgrounds) at that location. Could this have been constructed as a place for filming/televising/interviewing arriving dignitaries? Another thought: could it be a food concession for the press? Edit: that is, hospitality, as Irishcooper said in the second post.
  25. Aerial view of Ford

    Nope, not that I know.
  26. Touring the American Interiors Pavilion

    I'm confused by the blue room. Did they just install that wall mirror to make the exhibit look bigger, or did some designer really expect someone to put a bed next to a giant mirror?

    I sent an email to Bill Young to ask if the CD could be revived. Haven't heard back yet.

    I don't think the CDs are. I still have my files from the CDs copied to my hard drive though I seem to have lost the Disc years ago. Each page was a jpg file, as opposed to the whole issue being a single pdf file.
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