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  2. New York State Pavilion upper tower, 226 feet.
  3. Indeed. There is some footage of Moses saying you could fit the '39 fair in a '64 parking lot - I don't think so. 1939 was much bigger at 1,600 acres compared to just 664.... In the image Bill showed, you can still make out the Budd display from 1939. Wish the b/w photo was higher resolution. What was the tallest thing at 1964? Anything coming in at 150" or so as in 1939? Eric
  4. Night at the Chrysler pavilion, May 1964

    Their sales were in third place as well. AMC was fourth in sales at that time.
  5. That’s my guess as well—a translating device.
  6. I have a full size NYWF flag and nobody who sees it knows what it is. The most popular guess is that it has something to do with the UN. I’m certain there are flag companies that would design a specialty flag but that may require a significant number of flags be made for it to be cost effective. I would also bet that very few of those first attempt at a 1964-65 flag were made. In the end, the Fair settled on a design and colors almost identical to the 1939 official flag. PS: The aerial view shows just how much of the 1939 acreage was not used in 1964. Everything above what had been the Lagoon of Nations and what was the Court of Peace, the Federal Building and a host of international pavilions was not used during the second Fair.
  7. I'm curious about that. Maybe a print is under $30
  8. Last week
  9. I am at a loss as to what it was, even after looking at the full sized copy
  10. I think she was listening a recording on a headphone about the display.
  11. Anyway, it was a beautiful pavilion. Too bad it was closed in 1965, when I visited.
  12. As Churchill once said, "At what cost?" I think very few people (and I do mean very few) would have any idea of what it represents. Now that my local grocery store had banned plastic bags, I now bring my reusable cloth ones with a big Unisphere on it (the retro art one with the red background). You'd be surprised how many people have no clue as to what it is.
  13. The display is interesting (looks like a gathering of teenagers), but I'm more curious about the red object on the wall behind.
  14. If I saw someone with a pose like that today, I would naturally think she's on a cellphone. But in 1967?
  15. Yeah, it moves pretty quickly right there. I was surprised at the lack of any fencing, life rings, or even a warning sign. Imagine how it would have to be handled these days!
  16. No clue. That's all that was written on the slide mount.
  17. I assumed the title meant the pictures were made of feathers, but if I google feather painting I find how to apply paint with feathers. Which is it? This video shows the incorporation of both feathers for texture and paint for color.
  18. Newly restored 35mm slide. It was a beautiful pavilion and a shame it was closed for 1965.
  19. If anyone did fall into the river that current would sweep them away very quickly.
  20. Even in a drenching rain the crowds converged on Expo.
  21. if you navigate around the corner, the sign on it says Madison York Assisted Living, 113-14 Corona Ave.
  22. This looks like it: https://goo.gl/maps/mL4qG61swaJGENoq8
  23. Night at the Chrysler pavilion, May 1964

    Yeah, it was a WAY distant 3rd place with GM & Ford!
  24. I can't find it on Google Maps street view. Anyone spot it?
  25. I bet that was a very cold job site. I'm just surprised it wasn't covered in snow.
  26. Newly restored 35mm slide from July 1967.
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