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  2. Great info for us train buffs - thanks!
  3. Sermons From Science had exhibits at several world's fairs, including Expo 67 and Hemisfair '68, which have been discussed in other threads. Here is a photo of their exhibit at the Golden Gate International Exposition.
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  5. Humble Oil Posters?

    Poster paper? Glued to a high quality cardboard. My grandmother saved them and made them for me back in the early 80's when I was young and told me to hold on to them.
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  7. Humble Oil Posters?

    What medium are these?
  8. Humble Oil Posters?

  9. Humble Oil Posters?

    Where would someone start figuring a cost on these?
  10. Headlights magazine, October 1963. Articles with details of the 430 new IRT Line 7 cars and 30 new LIRR cars with NYWF tie-ins. Includes details of mechanics, interiors, livery with WF logos/lettering. Headlights October 1963.pdf
  11. Now that the time machine is in quarantine, and being in lockdown, I decided to build my own Space Park. And here it is:
  12. Belgem Waffles with Insect Butter?

    No, no, no!
  13. Belgem Waffles with Insect Butter?

    Why would anybody want to make something like that?
  14. Belgem Waffles with Insect Butter?

    Haha. Well, as long as you've created a Belgian Waffle Abomination post-- I might as well contribute to it! The Hot Dog Waffle
  15. NO! I'm out.... *gag* https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8056439/Waiter-theres-fly-waffle-Belgian-researchers-try-insect-butter.html
  16. Containing over 300 pages and 250 rare photographic images of the exposition and New Orleans from my personal collection.... https://app.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/1884-new-orleans-1885-the-great-worlds-fair/51d79fee-9ab6-43fd-86a9-8b456a376beb?isbn=9780692065099
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  18. Perisphere Play

    Thanks Jim. You are right - they have the whole thing to themselves! I took another quick stab at the photo:
  19. Perisphere Play

    It’s an absolutely wonderful photograph in its own way. It captures a quite moment in time. Those two kids have the entire Theme Center to themselves. I cannot fully explain but this is exactly the type of photograph that makes me want to return to the Park and try to find and stand on the exact spot where those two are playing, to just stand there and look at the photograph and feel transported to another time. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
  20. Hi All, A poorly colored cropped photo of of a slide that actually has superb color and subject - will share a better scan when I can.
  21. Swedish School House as it appeared in 1876 at the Centennial Exhibition....
  22. Just came across this! The Sweden Pavilion at the 1876 Expo is now the Marionette Theater in Central Park. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_Cottage_Marionette_Theatre#/media/File:Swedish_Cottage,_Central_Park,_New_York_City_2018.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_Cottage_Marionette_Theatre
  23. The US had huge pavilions of groundbreaking design at Brussels 1958, Montreal 1967, and Osaka 1970. The USSR also had large pavilions the were very flashy but maybe not quite as groundbreaking in their design and construction. The reason for these entries was the Cold War, each country trying to outdo the other. Since the end of the Cold War this has not been the case. At Expo 2000 in Hannover, the US started with a large pavilion and ended up construction nothing. The former USSR had a tiny exhibit located inside one of the vast halls that contained mostly Third World nations.
  24. I have been looking for that video. It was an architectural firm in NYC that was designing the pavilion, I think. I wonder what happened. Whatever the reason they’re not doing it, the idea that the USA is relying on the charity, or whatever it is, of the host country is so incredibly sad.
  25. Last fall, a film was being shown on YOUTUBE, which showed interviews with the designers of the US Pavilion. The main part of the pavilion shown was circular, not very impressive. Although a bit of an improvement over that design, it is not what we have come to expect for a pavilion in the 21st century. The last few pavilions that have been at fairs, have really been disappointing, especially the architecture. Gone is the greatness of NY in 1964, and Montreal in 1967.
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