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  2. The Jaycopter Quesions

    Hello, this may be years to late but I was trying to see if there was any info on the web about the Jaycopter and I saw Jim Warman's name here. I use to work with Jim at Jaycopters. I am the son of Leo Jacobs who is one of the people who built the Jaycoptesr. I will be building an information web site about the Jaycopter soon and I am trying to contact as many people as I can to see if they can add any info or photos about the whole thing. The URL will be www.Jaycopter.ca Any help will be greatly appreciated. email: danjacobs@shaw.ca
  3. http://m.qchron.com/mobile/qboro/stories/history-rediscovered-at-the-world-s-fair/article_71cefb90-7d8d-5def-9021-a6741bc6a49c.html
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  5. Where were you in 1953?

    Where will that be, Ralph?
  6. Where were you in 1953?

    Since I've broached this subject, I thought you might like to know that I will be making a presentation of the 1953 event at our local community center in February. It will include a DVD of my photos (with appropriate music) plus the 2018 trip to Cephalonia to deliver them. I'll display an identical copy of the binder I delivered, show the earthquake portion of 'Captain Corelli,' and read from my personal memoir. After that I'll wake up the audience and send them home!
  7. The Probability Machine at IBM

    Love to see a video of this presentation. Just to hear the guy's patter.
  8. Craig, I think I'm in a lot of old timers clubs at this point.
  9. Depending on which version of the map you look at, the area slightly to the right of the proposed American Indian Pavilion (and it looks like they actually were going to have a Pavilion along with the Tepees), is first labeled "Kiddyland" (1964) and at some point changed to "Funland" (1965). I not quite sure why the name change occurred. The area where the American Indian Pavilion was to be evolved into "Carousel Park".
  10. Above the Lake Amusement Area, May or June 1964

    The early official visitor's map shows a bunch of tepees at that location.
  11. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Jim, I guess that makes us both members of the old timers club.
  12. Above the Lake Amusement Area, May or June 1964

    I believe so, and it's where Carousel Park was. Looks like the ground had been freshly cleared for it.
  13. The Probability Machine at IBM

    All I can make out is "Probability Machine". The rest is too small and I can't decipher it. Racing like mad to pack for a trip, so no time to post it now, but remind me in a week and perhaps we'll figure it out.
  14. Again, I have to thank former and current members. You should be proud of what you have created. It takes a special kind of dedication.
  15. The Probability Machine at IBM

    First photo: Great view of the Probability Machine looking out the back of IBM and over the Pool of Industry towards the Bell Pavilion. Second photo: The Probability Machine looking back at a Brass Rail, and a General Food arch, and to the left the Travel's Pavilion with the Aqua Rocket in front and WTH? Oh Hollywood, you and your magical tricks.
  16. The Probability Machine at IBM

    Bill, can you zoom in on the man near the sign (bottom center) holding a camera? I'd like to see if I can tell what kind it is. Also, there seems to be an alarm bell on top. Does anyone recall if that rang when the process was finished (or running)?
  17. The Probability Machine at IBM

    Did the Probability Machine appear in the final cut? I don't recall seeing it.
  18. The Probability Machine at IBM

    Hi guys, What great photos! I have not been to the Hall of Science in FMCP in 3 years. When I last visited, they had a working, smaller, replica of the "Probability Machine" on display. Worth going in just to see it. The photos depicting the fair in "Tomorrowland" are great, wish there were more . Bill, I love your photos, thank you for sharing. It`s amazing, how just seeing a pavilion from a different angle can be so exciting. My wife does not understand that feeling, but alas, I do not understand the thrill she gets from "Say Yes To The Dress". MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  19. The Probability Machine at IBM

    The Probability Machine was recreated for the Disney film Tomorrowland.
  20. What is the barren lot to the lower right of the Meadow Lake Bridge? Site of the proposed American Indian Pavilion?
  21. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    I just want to thank you again, Marc-- for funneling your passion into the original PTU-- for inviting me to be an Admin-- and for graciously allowing Bill to carry the site forward. I don't post as much as I used to, either. But man, oh man, am I glad the World's Fair Community is still around.
  22. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    I love this community. Its members are passionate about world's fairs and the combined knowledge stored here is vast and deep. The passion is a double-edged sword and eventually it wore me out. Occasionally things got negative, heated. People disagree with the choices you make. Some people stop talking to you. Some people end up hating you. Over the years the hobby started feeling more like a job and my passion waned. I'd look through old posts and wonder if I'd made the right decisions. My social visits became less frequent. I'd check in to ensure everything was running and not recognize the people posting. That's when I decided to hand the site over to Bill C. Like many have previously stated, the community is still here and vital. Nearly two decades after Bill Y. invited me to join him. That's something to celebrate and be proud of!
  23. Above the Lake Amusement Area, May or June 1964

    A helicopter over the Texas Pavilions.
  24. Los Voladores at Mexico, June 1965.
  25. Craig, I see you joined on September 10, 2000. I think that's the date I joined this site as well. My god, that's over 18 years ago. Ooops--just checked. I joined September 11, 2000.
  26. Cool angle on that photo. GM and Ford were massive structures. I think the photograph captures the limitations 1964 planers had in their effort to conform to the 1939 design of the grounds. It's also evident that the monorail was a lost opportunity. What could have been a people mover and a transportation breakthrough was relegated to the amusement zone and the monorail was little more than a carnival ride.
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