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  2. Interesting. Unlike cigarette advertisements of the time which proclaimed the health benefits of the various brands, tea really appears to be beneficial. A study released just a few weeks ago suggests green tea, in particular, may help prevent a wide variety of health problems. So Mr. T. Pott was telling the truth.
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  4. And Mary Jane Halsted not only won some Canadian figure skating championships, but was also clearly a paid spokesperson for the virtues of drinking a cup of hot tea.
  5. Looks like almost ten years after the Fair, Bill and Betty Wade went on to open and run an ice rink at Xavier University.
  6. I got a kick out of the signage for "2000 Free Seats." - Yeah, free if you paid the 25 cents to get inside the gate! Newly restored negative.
  7. A happy surprise tonight!

    Haha! You should've said hi! It had to be 2008 or 2009-- I haven't been to Vegas in years. At any rate, I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to meet another WFC member, which is ALWAYS a pleasure for me.
  8. Part of Gardens on Parade. Newly restored negative.
  9. A recently acquired and newly restored view from Gardens on Parade. Does anyone have information on the sculpture?
  10. A happy surprise tonight!

    He and his clone army are everywhere!
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  12. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jan/16/2001-a-space-odyssey-stanley-kubrick-exhibition-new-york
  13. A happy surprise tonight!

    You know, I saw the same guy in Caesar’s Palace in Vegas in the fall of 2008 or 2009 or was it 2017? He would not recognize me but I recognized him from pics in PTU. He was w a jovial bunch of people in Forum Shops and I didn’t want to intrude. Maybe it was contestant in Trey Callaway look alike contest. Always wondered though. Trolling for invite to see his T&P model. Trey interviewed about Manhattanhenge ep of CSI, and NICE shot of a Life Magazine open to the undersea diorama of Futurama, in this 2017 Underground Home story: https://gothamist.com/arts-entertainment/is-the-1960s-worlds-fair-underground-home-still-there-an-investigation
  14. Have you done this yet? I'm interested too.
  15. I see your point, Ken. Industry generally refers to manufacturing. But it also means diligence and dedicated work. Once other cities hosted fairs (19th Century) and got out of the copycat Crystal Palace business and turned their expositions into an actual community dedicated to a theme, they were far from away from a trade fair. Something entirely new was created.
  16. I agree that calling the 1939 NYWF a "Trade Fair" was an error, but I was referring to the name of the very first World's Fair - London 1851 - which was officially "The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations"....thus the international industrial expositions reference. :-)
  17. Recorded at the RCA Pavilion

    Thanks. Peter Goldmark, CBS's archrival to RCA in the color TV race and 33 1/3 LP inventor (vs. RCA 45's), had a dog of the same breed, and liked to show a snapshot and say that he "owned the RCA dog." So maybe that destructive animal is a ringer?
  18. While industry plays a large role in the great expositions, I don't think that equates them with the concept of a trade fair. The greatest fairs attracted significant international participation. Trade fairs remind me of that so-called "Kitchen Debate" when Vice President Nixon had an impromptu debate with Soviet Premier Khrushchev in Moscow in 1959. They debated who made the most and best appliances and machinery at a Moscow Trade Fair full of displays of that stuff. They stood in a model kitchen and argued about refrigerators and ovens. That's quite different from an event that hosts significant numbers of nation states highlighting their history, culture, political systems, future goals and achievements. The 1939 NYWF was no trade fair. It really was an international exposition with sixty nations participating in some significant form.
  19. Recorded at the RCA Pavilion

    This post is basically for Wayne Bretl and any other RCA fans. Searched for RCA and got zero results! So appended this here. Apparently a Nipper outtake.
  20. Technically speaking, most World's Fairs were considered "international industrial expositions" until the 1960's, since they featured and promoted new commercial products, machinery, inventions, etc.
  21. I posted the above comment on the wrong thread so I’ve tried to recreate it in the Lisbon fair thread. I must have been really tired or something.
  22. The info I found indicates this was an exposition where only Portuguese colonies and independent Brazil were invited to participate. The info also stated that the 1940 NYWF was a “trade fair.” Well, that’s what the internet site said but I don’t believe it!!!
  23. It was actually much larger than that....here is the site plan....
  24. It looks like it was about 4 city blocks long.
  25. I can't imagine it was well attended at all. Maybe that's why we never hear about it!
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