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  2. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    You should be wearing mouse ears, or it didn't happen.
  3. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    I'll ask the folks at the museum when I'm up there.
  4. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    Sadly, on the wrong coast to catch this. Any chance video will be available afterwards?
  5. Very cool discoveries. I've always liked the word "Odditorium." Those prices of 40 and 50 cents wasn't exactly inexpensive in 1939.
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  7. "Walt and the World's Fairs"

    Three weeks to go until my talk at the Walt Disney Family Museum on "Walt and the World's Fairs.". If you're in the San Francisco area on November 9th please stop by and say hello! https://www.waltdisney.org/education/talks/walt-and-worlds-fair-bill-cotter
  8. When Ya Gotta Go...

    I remember older women wearing shoes like those when I was very small. They always looked so uncomfortable. I wonder what is going on with the gentleman in the far right of this photograph.
  9. I send you good wishes, Eric, and I thank you for this wonderful photo and all of the photos you share with us. Best, Jim
  10. Dear Trey, Thank you. Always tomorrow Check the photos I sent you of the well to do young boy with superb dress and smoked glasses on the Platform and Helicline and you will see the most detailed photos of that mesh I know of You already have them! I literally deal in the future! I sent them for that mesh. Best always and thank you again, Eric Dear Bill, Many thanks for the kind words. To quote the Talking Heads - "...Well, I'm dressed up so nice, and I'm doing my best..and I'm startin' over...startin' over again...." Best always, Eric I will try and get you a copy of the Mauretania book if I can - I did some serious b/w restorations I'd like you to see. My best work yet. Dear Wayne, Thank you for taking the time to express concern. It is most appreciated. Thanks re the copyright thing - I did it with Wally/Vlad in mind for those with long memories! Remember my related Obit? LOL Best always my friend, Eric
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  12. When Ya Gotta Go...

    A unique view, for sure. Thanks so much!
  13. Oh my, Eric, sorry to hear about your troubles. Please do check back in here to update us from time to time. Regarding the photo, not only is it a great shot, but I really appreciate the care you took to make the copyright effective but not destructive of the composition.
  14. I had read this quickly on my phone and missed the first part abut your health issues, Eric. So sorry to hear about your challenges, and wishing you the very best.
  15. When Ya Gotta Go...

    Another amazing photo, Eric!
  16. So sorry to hear about your hardships, Eric. Please try to stay focused on the "World of Tomorrow." There is always hope for a better day, my friend. And thanks for sharing this photo. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA there was wire work in the walls of the Helicline. Have never seen any indication of that before now-- and as you well know-- I've spent many hours staring at many photos of the Trylon & Perisphere!
  17. Hi All, No caption needed. July 26th, 1939. Did he make it? 950 feet down...excellent composition with a sense of urgency hard to capture... This is the best photograph I have seen of these exits, period. The "door" on the far right is not an exit. Perhaps some utility closet or other. Who knows. This is a slight crop actually...and hold on to your hats ladies! The wind up here - something else! Also, see the two guys talking to each other on the right from the staircase. The guy picking up the futuristic litter is a nice touch. PS - That hat is up there with the one awhile ago near the Lagoon of Nations...
  18. Hi All, New photographs everyone! Since my Mom died in January, killed by a nursing home in 3 day in no short order in front of my very helpless eyes (I can't believe I wish I was a lawyer), I have been dealing with serious PTSD and a host of other health problems - hence my lack of posts. I am down to 106 lbs, 80/40 BP and pulse 101! I am getting help folks I was going through some Hiroshima blast materials and other for sale and a found a little brown envelope with these in. I bought them earlier this year. I tried to clean them up best I could. BTW, the book on my ship, R.M.S. Mauretania Queen of the Ocean, that I have been working on with author David Hutchings for at least 13 years, is out this November! It is available in pre-order from Amazon. Published by the History Press. It is a great volume and I strongly recommend it - a great price as well for the content which is amazing. Best of all books on this subject and I have helped with more than one... Here we Have the view coming down from the Helicline in 1939. July 26th to be exact. This view is notable for the view through and out the other side of the TRYLON! A great composition that shows the metal wire-work in the Plexiglas(?) Helicline walls, with the RCA tower way off in the distance. I am sure I have the material noted somewhere. As discussed elsewhere, this is a two-way out affair - staircase and to its left, lower, even with the Platform (closest to us). The wind at this height of 65 feet - that of the Rocket Thrower (or George Washington if you will) - can almost be felt. A bit of selective focus has been employed. I know the Trylon is fuzzy - I can't deal with that right now. I think this is one of my best - as usual it is a snapshot. The other posted ("Gotta Go") is sequential, with this being second. RE the other photo, I just realized the closer you get to the bottom the more you hear the water! LOL I hope you like it! Eric
  19. Hey How are you? It is a lovely image - there was a negative on eBay just like this a while back but I missed it. B/W of course. This tinting it decent but still looks off to me. The reflected light on the metal is so (more or less) very superior it makes the right and background look poor and monochrome blue/green - could have been so much more and the metal proves it. The metal on the engine looks so good I feel I could find the photographer - the rest - blah. Best wishes, Eric
  20. Looks like the Chrysler paint scheme for 1965.
  21. Absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see some night photos after you've installed the lights.
  22. Finally! New CDs available!

    I'm with you, Wayne - always finding things I would love to go back and see in person, some again, some for the first time.
  23. A lot to ponder in one photo

    Here's another look at unknown monorail pipes, from one of Bill's new discs. These seem to have a different mechanical connection dangling out the bottom, with an attachment that looks like it's meant to take a through-bolt, plus what looks like a chain and handle to maneuver the whole thing. Put on your thinking hats! Do we know where the cars were kept in the winter? Is it possible these fixtures were used to position the cars away from the station as a precaution against trespassers?
  24. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I can understand the dilemma, as I recently inherited the family photos, two giant boxes of them. I plan on sending them off to be digitized and put on CDs, but still need to pick through them to decide which ones. Family ones, yes, but what about the ones of people that I don't have any idea who they are? And then what? Keep the photos and negatives or trash them? The next generation has shown no interest in them. Being the family archivist is an awesome responsibility.
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