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  3. Pictures from the official tour in October 2014, including the visitor center and history museum. No interior shots of homes allowed, I guess, or I would surely have some.
  4. Oh man... such a beautiful home, there could be a great eye pleasing set of gardens to accentuate it.
  5. Tweet with pics of several Homes of the Future relocated post 1933 Chicago Cent of Progress Fair to Beverly Shores, IN, and available to tour one day per year. https://mobile.twitter.com/iowahawkblog/status/1141343726071140354
  6. Charles & Ray Eames Exhibits at IBM

    It showed that no matter how many times it ran the probability was the same shaped distribution of balls in the slots, no matter how any individual ball may bounce.
  7. Charles & Ray Eames Exhibits at IBM

    What exactly did the Probability Machine do? Besides looking like it was picking the Powerball numbers.
  8. It was on METV a week or so ago. I agree, expo boy, it is a brilliant episode and probably my very favorite (well, along with episode 22, "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street").
  9. Charles & Ray Eames Exhibits at IBM

    A duplicate exhibit also was at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for many years.
  10. Charles & Ray Eames Exhibits at IBM

    Mathematica was an exhibit at the Hall of Science at the NYWF (and is still there). There were also ones at the Seattle World's Fair and at the Cal Museum of Science and Industry https://www.eamesoffice.com/blog/eamesdecades1960s/
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  12. Charles & Ray Eames Exhibits at IBM

    I remember the Probability Machine but I don't think that was the one at the Fair. The others look of the period but don't ring a bell for me.
  13. This is a Tweet showing four photos of exhibits Tweeter David Burge says appeared at IBM pavilion in 64 NYWF. They were seen this week in a museum somewhere in midwest, possibly Henry Ford or close to. https://mobile.twitter.com/iowahawkblog/status/1140969757413453827
  14. Good one, Jim. One of my favorite "Twilight Zone" episodes!!
  15. The Twilight Zone... Maybe that is Global 33, the jet liner on route from London to NYC in 1961 that broke the sound and time barrier and found itself lost over New York City in 1939 with the world's fair below them . If "you hear the sound of jet engines flyings atop the overcast--engines that sound searching and lost--engines that sound desperate--shoot up a flare or do something. That would be Global 33 trying to get home--from The Twilight Zone." --Rod Serling, February 24, 1961 (episode 54)
  16. Seems to me that some folks found that time machine to get to the fair. That really looks like the contrail of a 747 to me. (;
  17. Doesn't give me any further ideas, I'm afraid. I posted it to another forum where some darkroom dabblers might see it and have an idea.
  18. A pair of interesting hats at the Fair

    Looks like it was a print I scanned way back in 2015 that I finally got around to cleaning up. That help?
  19. Bill, is this negative part of a roll, or is it sheet film? What size? Was there a processing envelope? The subject and composition say it's a family photo, not commercial. I wonder if it could have been home developed in trays and the streak occured because part of the negative had an air bubble underneath when it went in the stop bath, so kept developing. EDIT: or maybe developer was dripped on it before it went into the developer tray or tank.
  20. International Pavilion souvenirs I'd say - perhaps recently purchased from the location. That trail is odd indeed.
  21. There is a limit to how many Casinos can survive .Atlantic City learned that lesson the hard way losing half of their Casinos. A saturation point has already been reached as the amount of gamblers is not infinite.
  22. The Monticello website is still operating but the place has been hemorhagging money since it opened. There are some indications it is trying to remain open because of the advent of sports betting in NYS, but recent news stories indicate the casino has lost too much money and has closed. None of the recently approved casinos are doing well. Del Lago in Seneca County and Tioga Downs in Tioga County are really struggling. Oddly, the Oneida Nation casino (Turningstone) is doing well and the Oneidas have just opened a new casino called Yellow Brick Road in Chittenango, NY (Syracuse area). Chittenango was the home of L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz.
  23. That's sad to hear, Jim. I saw the casino being built and know the area had high hopes for it. I didn't see it being enough of a draw, though, to get people to schelp up there from NYC, and that area is economically depressed (big time) so unlikely to have a lot of local high rollers. I guess they didn't study the history of Atlantic City enough, and Atlantic City has more casino games than Monticello could offer.
  24. That "contrail" sure is puzzling. Very sharp edged, like it hasn't been diffused by the wind, but broad nevertheless.
  25. That's a wonderful photograph in so many ways. It's cool to realize that flagpole with the eagle is still there. I love that kid's pose. He looks as if he's trying to look tough and with that hat, he needed to be. It's also interesting for me to realize I stood very near that spot in 1965 for a photo with my sister and parents. I was NOT wearing a hat.
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